A.  In-bound logistics:

We can receive individual  and palletized panels.

Special pick-up service is available upon customer's request.


B.  Receiving Service:

We will inspect every panels for transportation damage.

We can provide special documentation and inspection procedure for customers specific needs.


C.  Tab Bonding Repair:

TAB IC removal and replacements are available up to 70 inch

LCD product (TV and Monitor) by the newest bonding machine.


Tab Rework M/C Unit  

D.  Polarization Film Replacement:

  Removal of damaged polarization film and lamination of new one is available up to 57 inch LCD product

  (TV and Monitor) by the newest repair machine.





              Pol Remove M/C Unit  

         Pol Attach M/C Unit

Pol Attach M/C Unit  


E.  Component repair:

We can repair surface mounted components and ribbon connectors.


F.  Board swap:

We can provide damaged circuit board swap at our repair center or

customer designated sites.


G.  Harvest service:

We can harvest discontinued parts from circuit boards and panels.

Those parts are properly processed, packaged and stored for

future customer's demands.



H.   Refurbish service:

We can provide refurbish service for LCD TV SET and LCD Monitor SET as well as LCD panel repair.


I.  Out-bound logistics:


We can provide 3rd party carrier with competitive pricing with contract.



J  Warehouse management:

We have real-time  warehouse bin location information linked with dbase system.


K.  Data service:  

W e can provide daily, weekly, monthly panel status report. Special

reports or status of panels and parts are also available.


L.  Advanced swap service:

We can schedule advanced swap boards and panels for customer's special needs.












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